Monday, February 19, 2007

The unexamined life is not worth living. -- Socrates

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Forty something

The day was nothing special
just another birthday I suppose
I wasn't falling apart yet
Just a little uneasy as it goes

I may forget names, phone numbers or dates
But remember the password
For the forum on losing weight

My keys fall into voids
and places unknown
Like socks and favorite tops
That disappear on their own

Nail files, creams, lotions and things
Get found in the fridge freezer mixed with the greens
Canned goods in the trunk didn't go sour at least
Husband shakes his head though, afraid of the new beast

While driving to work I wonder if I left the garage door open
Then ask myself why is it that other drivers now behave like jerks?
My blood starts to boil as surrounding me now
Are tailgater's, cutter offers and speeders that forget
What to do at a 4 way stop

Black spidery things begin sprouting under my chin
A sudden intolerance to tonic and gin
What more awaits me as I creep up in years?
A TV commercial that leaves me in tears

Just found the watch I replaced months ago
In a pile of mail stashed under the couch

Books on health, growth and spirituality
Line my bookshelves as I search
At 5am, my spirit quizzes me on destiny and purpose
when before I slept in

What a journey it is as I start to accept
Confusion reigns now but humor gives release
Meditation, deep breathing and green tea give me peace
But patience and tolerance seem out of my reach

Link to The Secret Trailer

An interesting documentary


At fifteen my heart was set on learning;
At thirty I stood firm;
At forty I had no more doubts;
At fifty I knew the mandate of heaven;
At sixty my ear was obedient;
At seventy I could follow my heart's desire without transgressing the norm.