Saturday, October 24, 2015

Learning to Paint

There are many fabulous You Tube tutorials with methods for watercolour for beginners (like me) as well as more advanced painters interested in viewing the plethora of techniques out there to achieve different effects and results. The samples below of my dabblings were done with acrylic which I enjoy using as well.

As a beginner, from a family of talented artistic and creative people, I am humbled by the great and amazing art out there, so for now will continue to label myself a beginner in this arena!

Started to upload some of my Paintings and Photos for Prints, Christmas Cards, Iphone cases and skins on Society6, so exciting!

The following are photos from the scenic Carburn Park 

 My latest venture is crafting, painting designs on boxes, and making Christmas decorations for an upcoming craft fair in Calgary.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

A lovely walk in Autumn with the Deer at Carburn Park-Calgary

On a lovely autumn walk at Calgary's Carburn Park

Fave walking place

I can feel close to nature

Close to God

And visit with deer

and other lovely animals and trees

Revives my spirit

Till next time! If you want to order prints go to 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lovely Sky Outside our house

This crazy, pretty sky was all around us Friday morning and even this picture fails to capture the many hues of colour. Though this side of the road was the strongest. Love the big sky and dramatic colours we get here on the prairies!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calgary 2014 Venezuelan Friends
Wanted to share my two videos of my Venezuelan visitors.  I put together 2 videos of time I spent with 2 lovely groups of people that came here to improve their English and suffered our weather! There were visits to Sports Events, Calgary Hitmen,  Curling, Banff and Drumheller, Lake Louise, Heritage Park and SAIT .....................Enjoy

Cohort 6 Grupo 6  Cohort 6
Cohort 7 Grupo 7

Friday, February 27, 2015

Great idea for sustainability.

Love this -  saving a town with this great idea for sustainability.

Here is a sustainability idea that is also saving a small Saskatchewan town from disappearing.
View article here

Last year while working @SAIT Polytechnic I became interested in water capture technology and sustainability after arranging speakers to come in and present to my students.  Since then I have had a penchant for all things related to the subject, including Tiny houses, living off the grid and the growing trend that is happening within some new communities looking for ways to make a difference. 

Also close to my heart are some other things related to above.

SAIT Projects


This company works with water capture and irrigation and developed Artesia, a green neighbourhood in Calgary they also developed a large outlet mall to use water capture
Cross Iron Mills

View their website here

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Memories of Spain

While each mistake I make, makes me stronger
And everyone of those tears I cried washes away the sorrow
Their tracks show on my soul, engraved there by the pain
And burned into my memory,

Let me forget, let me move on, let me be brave
That old cliché, forgive and escape from the hurt
Took forever to understand, I do it now, so wisdom prevails?
Or am I just hoping and praying and waiting for change?

How can I forgive that which sneaks into my mind
with the slightest picture it encroaches and overwhelms
taking its place as if it belonged, in my thoughts
From the past, song, and perfume
Triggers a memory, a simple colour combined with a smell,
transporting me there, to where I truly can escape.

A smile remembering the first scents of Spain
acrid black tobacco, strong coffee and humidity
surrounding me like a blanket, lingering wafts of my favourite
Dama de Noche, the night flower in my mothers San Antonio garden;
In the streets Patchuli and leather bracelets; love beads and Hierbas Ibicencas;
I am back, in the 70's, Mallorca and Ibiza, Tenerife and Barcelona
What longings I feel, deep in my soul, memories of music and friends,
dancing till dawn, loving the fashions and trends
Oh islands of Spain, I will never forget you, part of my soul
Sewn like threads blowing in that beachy wind
Lost as I am today, this moment, I can escape to you
I can revisit you, I can be there again, o favourite places of my mind

Tho I can travel today, they have gone forever, as they were
So simple, uncomplicated, almost a blur
But they are as clear as now when I hear a song, or smell a perfume
I can be happy this moment, burdens away, peace today
Forgiveness and prayer, my true salvations, love and mindfulness
I can have it all, how brilliant that joy, and light is everywhere
I am free, I can dance again in the moonlight

Alberta Beauty and Diversity

Though I am from Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia, and enjoy visiting my family there often; Alberta has been my home for the past 22 years. Over the last year I was fortunate to land a temporary contract position where I took visiting student groups to some of the highlight attractions around Calgary. Though we went to many amazing places,  just a few are depicted here.

Banff Springs Hotel

View from lookout Banff Valley

Lookout Summit Banff, Levis Vargas From Venezuela

Carburn Park

There is a lovely Bench here to sit and read and look out over the pond at Carburn Park

Took this shot again at Carburn Fall 2014, love walking here alone or with a friend

View of Downtown Calgary from Lynnview Ridge close to my House

This shot also of the river at Lynnview Ridge near my house, love our neighbourhood!

The Hoodoos, near Drumheller,  Alberta

Some of the students climbed to the top of the rocky ridge, what a thrill shouting to us below 

Some rented canoes on Lake Louise

Beautiful colours of this fantastic Lake Louise, Alberta

Johnson Canyon, Alberta

Lake Minnewanka, Alberta

My son and I love the drive from Calgary to Banff or all the way to BC on Highway 1, the scenery never fails to leave you amazed, brilliant in any season; my son even painted a picture of it.

Back of Banff Springs Hotel

This is a picture of my son in Springbank

Till next time hope you come back soon!

All of my photos are copywrited and require my permission to reuse, thank you!