Monday, December 30, 2013

American Hustle Music Steely Dan - Dirty Work

Funny how a song can just send you there, yup back in time like a time machine.  For me it was watching American Hustle, a film based in the 1970's when I was living in Spain as a young girl and attending a private English School called Bellver College. Spain was under Franco's dictatorship, so things were actually very safe and my sister and I have amazing memories from this time as well as many other great school friends who remarkably we are still in touch with via Facebook after many years.

So when I was in the cinema last week  watching American Hustle I was transported back to Mallorca early 1970's and hearing Steely Dan's Can't Buy A Thrill Belting out from the record stores and I still recall the first time I heard it.  There was some kind of shift in my world, as happens only with amazing music, that really moves you.  To my young 10 year old head I was startled and knew that I just had to have that song...think I may have bought the 45 of "Do It Again," but the entire album seems to me to be what I got.  We bought a turn table at a bazaar, and our lives were changed as prior to that all we had was a reel to reel with Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat.   I recall that when my Uncle Al and his buddy Rob came to visit, he bought me Paul McCartney and Wings Band on the Run - and Get Your Yayas out by the Stones for my sister. Wow, sure changed our world!

But here is to Steely Dan and Can't Buy a Thrill ..............awesome, thanks American Hustle for stirring up the memories!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Favourite things

I am going to start blogging about favourite things,   to share my likes as a way to the path of joy, by coming here and reminding myself about them!

Recently we lost our lovely 3 year old rescue dog Moose, he was only with us for a short time, less than a year, but he brought so much love, laughter and fun to our home and to all our friends that we still miss him dreadfully every day.  I found this link to a website about St Berxers, like Moose, a cross between St Bernard and Boxer. Here are many lovely pictures of them, as a side note, our baby loved to be on my bed, the couch, back seat of my car, or on a stack of blankets (as well as his bed), and in many of these pictures, the dogs are in bed too!

Here are some pictures of our sweet baby, he brought so much joy and love, a true angel! This is him at the Pet store before we adopted him through Pets for Life.

It was love at first sight for me, and my husband too!

My son was his bestie, as he worked at the Pet Store at the time and took him for walks

There was such a bond between them

Eric played with him every day and we took turns walking him, he sure loved his walks and was well behaved.  The two of them often took naps together on the couch!

So St. Berxers will always be one of my favourite things, someday I will get another, right now our family is still in mourning for this amazing baby!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

These old slippers

 A pair of old slippers could be compared to a long lasting marriage

They are familiar, you like them

Because you are so used to them

You don’t want to throw them away or replace them with new ones

Though sometimes you consider doing just that

Sometimes they rub against your toes

At times they make your feet feel hot and irritated

Mostly though, you feel content with them rubbing against your feet

These old slippers are there for you

They are loyal, usually in the same spot

Sometimes they go missing and you have to look everywhere for them

But then you realize they are exactly where you left them

They were there the entire time

Good to know you can always count on them

To keep your feet warm, cozy and content

Sometimes you wear them outside and they get wet,

So you have to wash them and fluff them up in the dryer

You see them again as if they were brand new

That is when you realize why you picked them in the first place

So you keep them around, Year after year

You take them with you on vacations

Even short weekends away

They bring you the comfort and consistency of home that you crave,

Even when you are far away on the road

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recently I stumbled across some old friends from my Ibiza days in the 1970's through the net and DigitalIbiza a webforum! Very exciting as through there I found some Facebook groups where I found photos of our group of friends from those days.  There was a group from Sweden, Liverpool, London as well as us from Canada and a number of others from Germany, Ireland etc...

Mainly people played in the bars and beach parties though my sister and I worked part time with my mother at a fashion salon where we sold leather coats through fashion shows at hotels and our salons in Ibiza over the summer season and Tenerife over the winter season.  Many of the locals also went to the Canary Islands in winter as Ibiza pretty much "shuts down" over the winter.

So it was really great to not only stumble across pictures of some of our parties and gatherings, but even better to communicate with many of these friends again, we have been sharing memories and photos since then. Combined with seeing a Fleetwood Mac concert last Friday at our Saddledome here in Calgary, I have been transported back to the 1970's! Except for the birth of my children, I have to say that these were truly the best and most crazy fun times of my life.  We even met up in London after the season ended in 1978 and had great times then too!

Here is a sample of the pictures BTW Listen to Fleetwood Mac Rumours as you watch, or The BeeGees we danced to them many a night at Nito's Club in San Antonio. I still haven't figured out how to add music............darn! The permed hair was really in,I guess we all thought it was cool..hmmm.