Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ladies weekend in Canmore

This was my first visit to beautiful Canmore, though we have driven through this area on our way to BC, it was so pretty, the mountains were right in your face everywhere you looked. In total there were 8 of us that stayed at the Drake Motel in Canmore, most stayed for 2 nights, but others just one, others came for the evening and drove home.

Canmore is about 60 minutes west of Calgary

The architecture is Swiss Mountain Village style

On a walk near the hotel by a river

Families of Ducks were skating on the ice

The main shopping streets were full of quaint rustic shops, cafes and Pubs

Our own inhouse hairstylist Mme Jill

Sun going down

Time for cocktails

At breakfast the next morning, we all felt a little odd

Guess who is the pink leapard and Elmo foot?

Jane and Jill

Shona, me and Bernie

Yes there are bears in Canmore, but they are still sleeping

A salad in a glass
Jacqui and I ate at this Pub I had striped, coloured pasta in a mushroom sauce, it was very tasty Shauna's Caeser look really fancy!


The view from the balcony in our room

Vancouver 2010 Olympic final Weekend

My Boys Got To the Gold Medal Game!

It cost a little to get there...................
For a few years before the Olympics, David had really wanted to go as a family, but once we looked at the cost, decided it was out of our reach.  During the last week I suggested they look at prices for he and my son to go as at least two of us enjoying a weekend was better than none, and my daughter wasn't as keen. Both David and Eric love sport and are very patriotic flag bearers so David managed to get tickets and I booked them a hotel.  Though we are hoping for some more pictures actually at the game taken by others and on Erics lost cell phone, we hope they will both appear as promised, and then I will add here to the blog.

They met some pretty girls and Eric even got a kiss

Our friends Richard and Rhonda were there with Spencer and Shelby so they met up and walked to the cauldren together as well as posing here with some mascots.

Waiting for some more pictures, but this is what they had for now, a great experience and being at the hockey game was the best!

A Walk in the Park

It has been a while since Becky and I walked at Carburn Park around the lake, it has been too cold and icy.  The spring weather has been lovely and warmed things up, so we ventured to Carburn and I snapped a few scenic pictures with the white snow covered lake.  There were even a couple of people ice fishing, which was neat as I hadn't seen any ice fishers before there.