Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tournament in Edmonton

Last weekend we went to Edmonton, Nisku in fact, near the airport and stayed at the Holiday Inn Nisku. Eric drove the whole way from Calgary, good job Eric.  Hotel was good and had a great pool and slide which the kids enjoyed. First game was Thursday and we won. Friday was spent at West Edmonton Mall, where the boys and younger siblings, enjoyed the whole day in the waterpark.  Parents visited a few varied establishments including Hooters and discovered the different cullinary and beverage offerings available.  A couple of Mom's indulged in a spa.

On the second evening there was a pizza party in the downstairs lounge followed by fun in the pool. A girls volleyball team arrived, setting an interesting tone for the boys who spent most of the weekend wandering the floors trying to find them.

Not sure about the expression on Eric's face here, perhaps some change in wind pressure or air quality?

Our boys won both games on Saturday, WAY TO GO BLACKFOOT EAGLES!!!! Comments from the other teams parents were that they had never heard such loud parents, we had noisemakers, cowbells loud whistlers and a few parents with extra strong pipes cheering like crazy.

At one point a parent overheard the cleaners comment about the "very bad smell" on the second floor from the hockey equipment, so Carol being industrious and our very adept team manager, organized an "equipment in the trees airing and sit in" where a few of us gathered, visited, played cards and enjoyed some afternoon cocktails, Dave provided tunes from the back of his truck and a good time was had by all.

A dinner at Boston Pizza on the last night and a standup final Sunday morning where the boys tied with the toughest team in the tourney and ended up losing in overtime, an amazing effort all weekend by the boys.

During the evenings the boys gathered in a room (poor cleaners the next day) and watched a movie, covered the floor in chips and had a general fun time, if they missed curfew, coach made them each do 60 push ups. Parents gathered in another room for some delightful conversation and cocktails in the evenings. It was a really great weekend and enjoyed by all.

On the final morning at the hotel some of the boys helped me to load our bags in the car...........

Remembering a great friend

Remembering Peter

This past weekend, a very dear family friend passed away suddenly in his sleep while away teaching an aviation class in Edmonton.  Our family happend to be in Edmonton on a hockey tournament, and heard the sad news when we returned home. My heart goes out to the Shewring family, Aki, Lesley, Diane and Stephen and all of your extended relatives, we are very sad for your loss, and ours in that we lost a dear friend. 

The Shewrings are neighbours of my sisters in Sidney, BC living across the street from each other for over 25 years, so everytime we visited my sister's house from Spain or now from Calgary, we looked forward to visits from the Shewrings.  There were many wonderful meals shared over wine at my sisters table and on the back deck with assortments of interesting friends that often stopped by for the great food and conversation, but mostly for the company gathered there.  That company often included Peter Shewring, his exciting life provided wonderful conversation, funny stories from the skies, and the best humour. Peter was the source of some of my greatest jokes which I would dutifully write down and take back to Tenerife and share with my friends, thanks Peter for all the great material, for years people thought I was funny, I owe it all to you and those Pilots who sure have great jokes!

There were many evenings when Peter would pop over with a bottle of wine and a video under his arm, and we'd all drink some wine and watch a video. Often one of us would fall asleep, but we all still enjoyed the movie, even if we missed parts, because Peter would make us laugh anyway even if the movie was a dud.

He kindly brought my son Eric a neat poster of the inside view of the control panel on a Lear jet after he had designed some planes and interiors on his laptop and showed them to Peter, he still has the poster.

Over the years we holidayed with the Shewrings, they visited us in Tenerife (AKI sent me my first rice cooker after their visit, where I burnt the rice for our dinner LOL and I still use it)! The ladies in the family joined us for a trip to Cancun and Cozumel in the early 90's (I think) when I worked in timeshare and over the years we really enjoyed the many great times. I will have to dig up those photos!

Peter, so long and happy trails, what a wonderful friend, your light will shine in our memories, will really miss the fun times, but I believe we will all meet again someday in the skies!

Miss Tenerife AKA Miss Calgary, as you used to call me
My mother found this great tribute to him by his fellow pilots, and students from his classes.