Thursday, December 24, 2009

Open House December 21st

Many friends stop by every December 21st for our open house this year was a great one as Santa also stopped by and brought gifts for all the little ones.......

There were lemon tarts, apple and mince
Pies and buns with turkey, ham and roast beef
Quiche sausage rolls and spinach in filo pastry - what a spread David puts on
Little Angela stayed with Teresa all night
She was content just to sleep

Barely moved
Tori, Jaxi, me and Charlene
Teresa, David, Danny, Tori, Jaxi, me ,Char
Justin and Rob

Eric, Ritchie and Kurt, Melodie et all
Emma and Veronica
Justin so adorable
Santa arrived, some kids cried and others froze in excitement

Brock and Eric, Jessie and friends

Maggie and Jane watching Santa
Rhonda, Jaxi and Linda
Dave's Cave entrance decorated

All the kids got little gifts from Santa

Logan and Shelby
Richard gave David a Potty Putter - looks like fun!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Toronto Maple Leafs Tree

Dave wanted a Leafs Tree

In looks perfect in our hockey themed basement and even has blue and white lites and blue and white tinsel

Calgary blizzard

Snow days
There were 20 centimetres
As we were snowed in that weekend we decided to start making the shortbread

Oh Christmas Tree

Our garland decorates the banister

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What does Christmas look like at our house?Started getting the decorations up
Outside the trees are snow covered
The boxes of decorations and lights
The tree waiting to be decorated

Santa on the tree

Red bows and candles

Chinook arch this weekIn the morning this Chinook arch across the sky was a dark grey
I tried to capture it later on

In the late afternoon it had turned to white cloud, though it was still spectacular, I could only catch it in three pictures

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take a Pamper You Day - you deserve it

Ever feel completely exhausted, drained, on edge? If you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, anxious, not sleeping, then you feel like I do today, your world can sometimes feel like your racing a speeding train and trying to jump on but never quite make that leap.

Go to bed and rest. Stop what you are doing and have a nap if you can. If you can, have a "pamper you day" take that personal day and don't fill it with appointments and tasks. Okay clean one little drawer, just to get that sense of achievement buzz, but just plan to do one relaxing thing after another. If the phone rings, let it go to voicemail, get a book from the library, make a pot of tea or pour a glass of your favourite wine, have a bath, write some poetry or draw or paint something in a fluffy journal.

For now though, I am going to bed, sweet dreams and have a good rest. I may book one this Friday ;-)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall is back

Carburn this week was windy and full of leaves
Becky and I had a walk with Justin

Aftre a few early snow days the milder weather came back

A Chinook brought the temperatures up

This park next to our house is a lovely closer walk

Many trees are sprinkled around

Oh who's that?Why it's Eric and Cujo

What a handsome guy!