Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tubing and GoKarting Summer 2009

The neighbours at Sproat Lake invited the kids tubing

They went all around the lake

There were bumpy waves

At times it was crush and squeeze

But lots of fun was had!
On the way home we stopped at Salmon Arm so the kids went to the Water Park next to our hotel and before heading home we stopped at their usual GoKart place where they have enjoyed karting over the years.
Eric wanted to try the adult faster karts but his class 7 permit wasn't enough to get him there, perhaps next time!

Jessica started out in the lead but Eric caught up and passed her

Then she got ahead of him
Before leaving Qualicum we stopped in to visit cousins Keith and Bev next door to Gail and Ricks

They have renovated the seafront home and garden into a secluded paradise

Their garden is magical Keith even has a little hobby cabin in the garden

The drive to and from BC through the mountains is stunning
One of Jessies friends jumped into this picture!
The mountains are jagged and majestic

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Canarybird said...

Beautiful scenery Gilly! And how great that the neighbours took the kids tubing! K & B's garden looks lovely too.
Love S xx