Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take a Pamper You Day - you deserve it

Ever feel completely exhausted, drained, on edge? If you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, anxious, not sleeping, then you feel like I do today, your world can sometimes feel like your racing a speeding train and trying to jump on but never quite make that leap.

Go to bed and rest. Stop what you are doing and have a nap if you can. If you can, have a "pamper you day" take that personal day and don't fill it with appointments and tasks. Okay clean one little drawer, just to get that sense of achievement buzz, but just plan to do one relaxing thing after another. If the phone rings, let it go to voicemail, get a book from the library, make a pot of tea or pour a glass of your favourite wine, have a bath, write some poetry or draw or paint something in a fluffy journal.

For now though, I am going to bed, sweet dreams and have a good rest. I may book one this Friday ;-)


Michelle said...

Sounds great ! I will try it one of these days.....but first of all....I must do some work on my blog...!!! It is amazing how taking a day off from all the routine and doing what you love to do can lift the spirits and give new energy. Mich

Gill Bailey said...

I took Friday t get started on Christmas it was great! Only problem was, the more I cleaned and sorted, the more I found that needed to be done. Couldn't find my address book so didn't get the Christmas cards done yet! Darn.