Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hoar Frost

This week we woke up to a white crystalized wonderland outside. For several days the trees and shrubs were layered with frost and looked very pretty, it is apparently called hoar frost. Here are my two pictures which didn't capture it at all unfortunately so I will add some links to web pictures.

A Sample of Hoar frost
A close up of hoar frost formations

Jessicas sewing Project

For Jessicas design classshe made a baby dress for a friends baby, it turned out well with lively colours.  I am very proud, another seamstress in the family? Perhaps she will take after Grandma Sharon who makes lovely clothes.
A zipper at the back and pretty yellow lining
I was never able to make clothes and am in awe of those that can
Kids birthdays this year

This year Erics Birthday was again at Jack Setter arena which was loads of fun for Eric and friends and his hockey team members that were able to come. They skated and played hockey, ate pizza and cake and opened presents.

A fun time was had by all!

Mary's Deli Dance Party Jessica's 13th

For Jessicas party this year she wanted a dance with disco ball, lights and a DJ. So her dad provided the venu at Mary's Deli complete with delicious food and her brother DJ'd using his laptop, Ipod Touch, Itunes music and Dad's big honking DJ equipment. The restaurant proved to be the ideal place, lots of room, booths to sit and relax and eat in and games like musical chairs (boy are they competitive and vicious at this age!) Also a limbo bar competition ensured many laughs and fun.

Jess asked Dad for a triangle, circle and square cake, being the math wiz that she is, this was what Dad came up with.

Eric and Brock helped with clean up.

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