Sunday, May 23, 2010

A walk by the River in early April

Our neighbourhood is located next to the Bow River with lovely walking paths and a ravine that is easy to walk down but quite a breathless climb up. 

My son Eric and our dog Cujo came along

 In some areas it is steeper than others, but on this day we chose to walk to Beaver Dam Flats, there is a quaint bridge crossing to a picnic area with plenty of wildlife and people fishing along the river.

A  flood caused this bridge tobe rebuilt some years ago and it is actually much sturdier than the original one.

From this pathway you can reach a large picnic area complete with outdoor barbcues, just bring the wood and your food and you can enjoy a perfect nature walk amongst the Balsam Poplar trees

After climbing this hill back up I needed to sit for a few minutes to get my breath back realizing I needed the walk and exercise far more than I wanted to admit.

A rough Inukshuk a reminder of the recent Vancouver Olympics

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Michelle said...

Lovely pictures Gilly. So nice to get outside for a walk - glad you don't have snow. I love the Mother's Day poem - it is beautiful. Why don't you come out for a visit for a few days ? Love ya sis. Michelle