Saturday, June 26, 2010

So far this summer.....................

Jessica had a Gymnastics Day

Wow great handstand

On her floor routine

She did very well

Jessica got a medal

Good job Jessica!

Our first summer BBQ

There were many good friends
Lots of smiles

Brock and Clint with Clints new wheels

We sang happy birthday to David

A lovely picture of Kendra with Randy, you both look great!

Rob Becky and Justin soon to be four.....

Richards other Shelby

Some of my blooms

Da boys........

Da girls......

The fire was on with guests still there until 4am!

Flowers are looking lovely

Our peonies in bloom
Jaxi had a birthday party

The weather was perfect for pink feather boas and tiaras

The kids watched movies

The cake and feast scrumptious

The friends and family were all there

There was dancing too, a great night

A night at the Calgary Tower

Had a lovely dinner at the Calgary Tower with a group from Latin America and our LACA sales and support team from work

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