Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I am Thankful for

Reflections of Falling Leaves at Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the beauty and serenity around my neighbourhood, where I can walk alone or with my dog or with friends.

I am thankful for my many dear friends, for sharing stories, laughter and a bottle of wine with them and sometimes crying with them

I am thankful for my loving family, for the dreams we share, and the lessons we teach each other; for the clutter that reminds me we are human, and the dust that means we are busy living.

I am thankful for life, having lost two dear friends this year, it reminds me how precious it is and that we need to appreciate every day as if it were a gift.

I am thankful for good health, having family members who are recovering from illness.

Here is baby Jason so peaceful!

Older brother Justin enjoyed running through the leaves

The colours were amazing

The day was quiet and calm

We felt so glad to enjoy the scenery

The trees were like a cathedral around us

Hi Justin - he waved and said hi to each passer by and every puppydog

But he enjoyed the leaves most of all

There were very few people

Almost had the park to ourselves

The reflections in the water were stunning

The shapes the reflections formed were cool

There was also plenty of birds, grasshoppers and a few ducks

Even the clouds are reflected in this picture

It was a glorious fall day

October in Calgary so far has been better than the summer

I even turned the heat off and the air conditioning back on

This walk was so lovely we went back again today

Though there were a few more people

It was still a memorable walk

Justin brought a bucket today to collect leaves

And him and his daddy made little tree ghosts and pumpkins filled with leaves for Halloween

I bought some too and then realized I barely have any leaves in my yard

Is it stealing to take some from a neighbours yard?

I mean you'd be doing them a favour, they were just leaving them there anyway.........jejeje

I am thankful for many things, Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by.

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