Friday, January 21, 2011

Calgary Flames won tonight!

My husband and I went to a Flames game tonight and they won, we had a really great time.  Haven't been to a live game in a while, Thanx David!

The night started out with the seat belt being caught in the door dragging in the mud and slush, so yeah, coat covered in brown nastiness.  Oh well, the coat is brown, so not so noticeable.  Got there ok, but the height of the seats was a little daunting, me being afraid of heights and all, but we found our seats and enjoyed our hot dogs and cold beer.   More beer and more beer later, I suddenly realized, I needed the loo, and wouldn't you know it, it was clear on the other side of the world.  Dang, had to walk and walk, trying to remember where our seats were, chanting the section and row the entire way there.

Found it eventually and , you guessed it, bought some more beer.  Cause it tasted good.  Soooooooo after the Flames scored a few more goals, I was feeling great.  Date with husband (rare event), cold beer, Flames winning, hey it was a good night.   But then needed the loo again, why oh why does beer have to run through the body so fassssssssssst?

So, once again down the steep stairs, with thousands of people around, and the inevitable search for the loo.  This time David suggested going to the right as it was closer.  Yeah, very close, but there were 35 ladies lined up, argh!  As I waited in line, I noticed a crowd of blond babes, with really tight jeans, high boots and large ahem, imagination please, all hugging and kissing, I swore, they all looked identical, must have worked at Cowboys and were having a reunion.  Oh well, I waited patiently as my place in line got closer, 5, 3, then 2, then ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my turn. Yeah!

After the game I noticed the lovely blonds in line at the loo as we left, and I thought HAH!  I don't feel so bad, at least I am not squirming anymore and they still have a long wait.

Go Flames Go!

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