Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday Nights are for Listening to Favourite Oldies Songs

Here are a few of my favourite songs from the 70's, sigh, doesn't seem like that long  ago really

I think I could get into guys with long hair again too, I mean why not? These guys were cute.

This was the one you cried to when you had a heart ache, do you remember watching Top of the Pops?

More 10CC- Remember Dreadlock Holiday? Teehee, brings back memories
Things we do for love

Favourite bands from this era?  Too many great bands to name but a few that I enjoyed are:

Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin, Boston, ELO, Stones, BeeGees, Queen, Beatles, Eagles, Bowie, Aerosmith, ah an endless list and all brings happy memories.........

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