Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall means leaves, Thanksgiving, preparing the yard for winter and soon Halloween, yipee!
My friend Becky and I took a fall walk in Carburn Park, we have had such great weather, even 18 C right up till last week! Justin loves leaves

Justin loves playing with leaves and taking some home too for crafts

Brother Jason laughed and giggled and enjoyed the warm autumn day

Justin turns around to see what is taking us so long

So many lovely places to escape on ths walkway, it is peaceful, quiet and serene.

This area with trees forms a hallway of shade in summer and colours in fall, like a cathedral in the park - it is one of our favourite parts of the walk

On this walk the combination of water, sky and trees reflecting makes such pleasant views

Again the water reflects the autum trees, so pretty

Till next time see ya later

Calgary skies are multicoloured, big and fascinating
Near our house is both a lovely park and a bike path

The skies seem to go on forever with layers of clouds

Sometimes when the light hits a certain way, there are sunbeams

 Calgary skies can be so dramatic

Between unique cloud formations, the sun peeps through

The clouds cascade down near the mountains

Often one part of the city has sunshine and blue sky

While other parts have hail and rainclouds

Or there may be a Chinook cloud cover keeping us warm

Walking along our many bike paths and parks provides amazing skies!

Even the sunsets are big

Dramatic and lovely

Providing a rose glow behind the cityscape

Leaving streaks of yellow and gold

Down it goes!

In the park near our house autumn began quickly

Our weather stayed nice through most of September

When the leaves began to fall, we still had great weather

So lucky to have these great parks and trees next to us

The nature refreshes the mind as well as the lungs

Enough already with this nature crap, I wanna sniff some trees.............

Nothin like a good walk followed by a long nap

Nighty Night!

Thanksgiving dinner at Kurt and Jaxis

All the usual suspects attended

Angie, Jessie and Eric

And again

A delightful array of appetizers

David cooked a yummy turkey which was delicious

Whipped mashed potatoes with garlic, creamed cheese and other yummy things ahhhhhhhh major eatfest! 

The hosts

Kissing hosts

Kurt and his Momma Barb

Jill and her Momma

Jill and her parents

Jaxi's sister inlaw and cousin Dixie

Variety of dishes

Stuffing and gravy

Tons of homemade desserts

and a strawberry shortcake for Adrians Bday!

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