Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Gathering

Eric and Melissa ready for his company Christmas party

They were doing a themed party

Very good looking pair

They had a great time!

Our Christmas party December 21st

Jessica and friends with Santa

MaryAnne Char and Sunny

Coleen and Denara

With Coleen and Becky

Andrew and Maryanne

Allison and Brayden

The kids opening presents

Some of the nibbles

More nibbles

Eric and Justin

Kendra, Brayden, Eric and Melissa

Linda, Rhonda and Jaxi

Um, were you really a good boy this year Kurt?

Angie, Brock and Clinton

Jaxi and I

Group hug

Little Jason followed Cujo everywhere

Maple Leafs Santa hat was a hit

Little Hubert

Sunny and Justin

Randy and Kurt

Two Robs

Becky, Andrea and Emma


Santa with Spencer, he was brave and went first so then the others formed an eager line to get a present from Santa.

Justin with his present

Not too sure about this guy MOM

Andrew patiently waits his turn

Happy Birthday Andrew

Emma waits for her turn

The crowd in the basement

Angela too afraid to sit on Santa's knee

Emma on Santa's knee

Angela was all smiles once she saw the gift from Santa!

Shelby and Santa

Shianne and Jess

Until next year, Merry Christmas everyone!

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