Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some flowers from my mothers garden in Tenerife

My friend Claudia in Moms garden

Bouganvilla everywhere you go!

Some other lovely scenery


From the plane

Mount Teide, the volcano and Spains highest mountain the back ground

Teide from Moms front garden

At Playa San Marcos where Claudia took us for lunch

A pretty gateway, all the houses have high walls and ornate decorative bars on the windows

In Garachico a pretty town square there

A lady dressed in Tenerife traditional dress

Breakfast on my last morning, sniff, didn't want to leave my Mom and friends!

Some of Moms pretty roses

Typical woodwork shutters

The angry sea against the volvanic rocks around the island

Garachico town was destroyed by a volcano, this small fortress was all that was left

And the canon also survived, David and I had a picture taken here when we met in 1993

A fisherman at work

Old whitewashed wall entrance to a shop Mom and Claudia

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