Thursday, December 24, 2009

Open House December 21st

Many friends stop by every December 21st for our open house this year was a great one as Santa also stopped by and brought gifts for all the little ones.......

There were lemon tarts, apple and mince
Pies and buns with turkey, ham and roast beef
Quiche sausage rolls and spinach in filo pastry - what a spread David puts on
Little Angela stayed with Teresa all night
She was content just to sleep

Barely moved
Tori, Jaxi, me and Charlene
Teresa, David, Danny, Tori, Jaxi, me ,Char
Justin and Rob

Eric, Ritchie and Kurt, Melodie et all
Emma and Veronica
Justin so adorable
Santa arrived, some kids cried and others froze in excitement

Brock and Eric, Jessie and friends

Maggie and Jane watching Santa
Rhonda, Jaxi and Linda
Dave's Cave entrance decorated

All the kids got little gifts from Santa

Logan and Shelby
Richard gave David a Potty Putter - looks like fun!

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