Thursday, October 15, 2009

The weather in Calgary has been so abysmal since Tuesday, I won't go on about it, a Chinook is expected now and by Saturday we are supposed to get to 20+C - how crazy is that. I suppose, after 16 years here I should be used to it by now, but seriously there is rock hard, crunchy ice all over the side roads now that will melt and be quite messy OMG. I need to have a weekend retreat somewhere warm.

I have just added Carly Simon's Blog to my Blog list really enjoy the 60's ladies being that I was born during the 60's .................almost finished the book.

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Michelle said...

Hello Gill! I hope you are keeping warm there in icy-land! I look forward to reading your blog and keeping up to date. I like the change you have made to it. Mich