Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Read

I have been indulging in a book about three singer songwriter legends Called "Girls Like Us" by Sheila Weller. It is about the lives of Joni Mitchel, Carly Simon and Carol King; which is the main reason for not posting of late. It has spurred me to watch 60's and 70's videos of some of their songs as well as interviews about their lives, the change they helped to orchestrate to women's rights, the changes to our role in society and the music that touched all of us and still does today as many old and new artists record/ed new versions of their songs. James Taylor worked with all three on albums, and had a relationship with Joni prior to his marriage to Carly Simon. Though it ended in divorce because of his heroin addiction, he dropped this habit after their divorce. Their two kids Ben and Sally are also singer songwriters today performing with both parents.

Interviews and songs
Both Sides now
Big Yellow Taxi

Early James Taylor and Carole King duet, James was originally on the Beatles Apple Label before he became known

There are a variety of versions of Joni's song "You Can Close Your Eyes," sung both with Carly and Joni
With Joni
Ben and Sally - Carly and James kids

This James Taylor song was originally recorded under the Beatles Apple label and is said to have inspired George Harrison's song Something in the way she moves, written about his first wife Pattie Boyd. Her autobiography is another great read about the early life with the Beatles and then life with Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight.

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