Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve Fondue Soiree

Happy New Year

A lovely evening with friends hosted by Richard and Rhonda who prepared a 3 course fondue feast for us.

David wore his traditional white New Years tux
Our hosts Richard and Rhonda - thank you for a great evening!
Angie and Mitch
Mitch and Kurt, Jaxi was under the weather so we missed her
Cheese and chocolate Fondue sauces
Brock and Spencer hanging out

Shelby and Jessica

Our handsome Brock and Eric and their new Ipod Touches
Air guitarin
There were three Cheese Fondue Pots, scallops shrimp beef and veggies YUM!

Did I smell the chocolate fondue ?

Almost 13 but still loves to sit on Daddys' knee
Daddy picked up pink champagne for midnight, thanx again for a great New years guys!

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Canarybird said...

Lucky you Gilly! Looks like it was a nice night for the whole family. Love MOM xx