Saturday, September 21, 2013

These old slippers

 A pair of old slippers could be compared to a long lasting marriage

They are familiar, you like them

Because you are so used to them

You don’t want to throw them away or replace them with new ones

Though sometimes you consider doing just that

Sometimes they rub against your toes

At times they make your feet feel hot and irritated

Mostly though, you feel content with them rubbing against your feet

These old slippers are there for you

They are loyal, usually in the same spot

Sometimes they go missing and you have to look everywhere for them

But then you realize they are exactly where you left them

They were there the entire time

Good to know you can always count on them

To keep your feet warm, cozy and content

Sometimes you wear them outside and they get wet,

So you have to wash them and fluff them up in the dryer

You see them again as if they were brand new

That is when you realize why you picked them in the first place

So you keep them around, Year after year

You take them with you on vacations

Even short weekends away

They bring you the comfort and consistency of home that you crave,

Even when you are far away on the road

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