Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recently I stumbled across some old friends from my Ibiza days in the 1970's through the net and DigitalIbiza a webforum! Very exciting as through there I found some Facebook groups where I found photos of our group of friends from those days.  There was a group from Sweden, Liverpool, London as well as us from Canada and a number of others from Germany, Ireland etc...

Mainly people played in the bars and beach parties though my sister and I worked part time with my mother at a fashion salon where we sold leather coats through fashion shows at hotels and our salons in Ibiza over the summer season and Tenerife over the winter season.  Many of the locals also went to the Canary Islands in winter as Ibiza pretty much "shuts down" over the winter.

So it was really great to not only stumble across pictures of some of our parties and gatherings, but even better to communicate with many of these friends again, we have been sharing memories and photos since then. Combined with seeing a Fleetwood Mac concert last Friday at our Saddledome here in Calgary, I have been transported back to the 1970's! Except for the birth of my children, I have to say that these were truly the best and most crazy fun times of my life.  We even met up in London after the season ended in 1978 and had great times then too!

Here is a sample of the pictures BTW Listen to Fleetwood Mac Rumours as you watch, or The BeeGees we danced to them many a night at Nito's Club in San Antonio. I still haven't figured out how to add music............darn! The permed hair was really in,I guess we all thought it was cool..hmmm.

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