Thursday, February 26, 2015

Memories of Spain

While each mistake I make, makes me stronger
And everyone of those tears I cried washes away the sorrow
Their tracks show on my soul, engraved there by the pain
And burned into my memory,

Let me forget, let me move on, let me be brave
That old cliché, forgive and escape from the hurt
Took forever to understand, I do it now, so wisdom prevails?
Or am I just hoping and praying and waiting for change?

How can I forgive that which sneaks into my mind
with the slightest picture it encroaches and overwhelms
taking its place as if it belonged, in my thoughts
From the past, song, and perfume
Triggers a memory, a simple colour combined with a smell,
transporting me there, to where I truly can escape.

A smile remembering the first scents of Spain
acrid black tobacco, strong coffee and humidity
surrounding me like a blanket, lingering wafts of my favourite
Dama de Noche, the night flower in my mothers San Antonio garden;
In the streets Patchuli and leather bracelets; love beads and Hierbas Ibicencas;
I am back, in the 70's, Mallorca and Ibiza, Tenerife and Barcelona
What longings I feel, deep in my soul, memories of music and friends,
dancing till dawn, loving the fashions and trends
Oh islands of Spain, I will never forget you, part of my soul
Sewn like threads blowing in that beachy wind
Lost as I am today, this moment, I can escape to you
I can revisit you, I can be there again, o favourite places of my mind

Tho I can travel today, they have gone forever, as they were
So simple, uncomplicated, almost a blur
But they are as clear as now when I hear a song, or smell a perfume
I can be happy this moment, burdens away, peace today
Forgiveness and prayer, my true salvations, love and mindfulness
I can have it all, how brilliant that joy, and light is everywhere
I am free, I can dance again in the moonlight

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